Electrostatic Precipitators


Advanced electric separator technology allows to reduce emissions of solid pollutants up to 5 mg/ Nm³.

Company Aeras, s.r.o. has proven experience and an individual approach to solving your problem requirements. We will always design the optimal configuration of the electric separator system for your technology, with compliance with the strictest emission limits.

THE electric separator solution offers the following advantages:

  • lower energy consumption = lower operating costs
  • simple maintenance requirements
  • Coromax patent pulse sources
  • piacs ® DC4 control system
  • 100% use of the collecting area


Piacs control system® DC4 allows the electric separator system to respond effectively to changes in the process, minimizing output emissions even under harsh conditions.

100% use of the collecting area

For optimal distribution of flowing gas by electric separator, the so-called “gas distribution” is used. “CFD” analysis, or gas flow modulation in the pipe in front of the electric separator, as well as in the separator itself. This allows us to achieve 100% use of the settling area and thus do not unnecessarily increase the dimensions of the separator itself.