Fabric filters

Fabric filters
Our fabric filter solution offers significantly longer service life of filter hoses, minimal maintenance requirements and reliable and economically efficient operation. With cloth filters, we achieve flight emissions below 2.5 mg / Nm³.

Innovative technology design
We focus on providing highly reliable solutions with hose filters even for the most demanding requirements of our customers.

With our technical solution (sophisticated gas and dust distribution system, filter hose and basket settling) we achieve the highest efficiency of removing solid pollutant particles at minimal total financial costs.

Features and benefits
Original solution of the distribution of polluted gas – for optimal distribution of dust and gas, longer life of filter hoses and overall higher efficiency.
Technology with long filter hoses – allows the floor plan to have smaller dimensions of the device and reduces the total maintenance costs.
Custom design of filter baskets – the design of star filter baskets improves the life of filter hoses while minimizing wear.
Simple arrangement of the input/output pipe – easy installation, maintenance and replacement.
Energy and cost-effective solution – unique design increases efficiency with dust pre-separation and requires minimal maintenance.