Dispensing equipment

Unlike competitors, the FLSmidth Pfister dosing device uses a gravimetric method of bulk dosing. This principle will allow for much more accurate dosage than in the case of ordinary volumetric (based on volume, cubic meters, which is the principle of belt, chain – redlers, scarves, etc.) of material dosing. It is used for dispensing all types of coal incl. dust, lignite and all types of biomass, activated carbon sorbents and lime hydrate or bicarbona soda.

Main advantages:

  • dosing accuracy is ±1%
  • although the equipment is significantly smaller than alternative scarves, skip or belt conveyors, the flow rate is easily up to 100 tonnes of hourly
  • less space requirements
  • thanks to a processor specially developed for this application, the so-called Prospective control – ProsCon® system can be monitored by flow quantity online, allowing instant registration of the material consumed
  • thanks to a simple but solid design, minimal abrasion and abrasion of the components of the device occur, therefore minimal requirements for spare parts, without the need for downtime
  • the device is a simple and durable design, therefore very reliable with a minimum of failures and downtime
  • The device is resistant to larger pieces of foreign objects such as stones, pieces of wood, iron, etc., i.e. stones, pieces of wood, iron, etc., again, it is not necessary to interrupt operation, in the case of smaller pieces the problem is removed by reverse operation, in the case of large pieces ProsCon stops rotation, by accessing from below the foreign piece is easily removed
  • the device is tightly closed and can be supplied in an explosive design
  • production of the whole equipment incl. assembly is in Germany, installation, connection and delivery to service incl. operator training is carried out by a worker of Aeras or FLSmidth
  • the whole operation is almost unattended