About us

Aeras, s.r.o. is a company with a mission to help our customers and partners to produce energy as environmentally friendly as possible and cost-effectively as well. We have been in the energy sector for many years and believe in the future of this difficult segment.

Although our portfolio includes the treatment of waste gases from all solid and gaseous pollutants, we specialize in reducing tzl content in flue gas, in addition to the construction and reconstruction of fabric and electrostatic filters, especially to increase efficiency of existing electrodedors. This allows our customers to meet their environmental commitments on the emission of the upand ingress while reducing their own energy consumption.

Company Mostecká montážní a.s. owns 25% strategic share in Aeras what enables us in close cooperation to offer our customers products with high added value and own services and deliveries. This includes engineering, project documentation, (dis)assembly and civil works, realization of technological, electro and I&C part including comissioning.

On the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets, we are a partner of the Airtech division of the Danish company FLSmidth for Air Technologies.