Pulse system Coromax®
Coromax is an advanced high voltage power supply for electric separators.

With this patented technology, we are able to increase the efficiency of EO and help meet the increased EC limits from 2021 at minimum downtime and reasonable investment costs.

Advantages of Coromax technology:

– Significantly reduces the formation of the return corona
– Reduces the amount of jumps
– Allows individual regulation of DC voltage, pulse voltage and frequency

As a result:

– Reduces emissions even from fine dust particles with high specific electrical resistance
– Energy saving
– Possibility to use a wider range of fuels

Capture of the finest dust particles with high specific electrical resistance is achieved by creating a special wave curve voltage consisting of constant base voltage and impulse voltage. In the figure, the output voltage of the Coromax unit is compared with the output voltage typical of standard high voltage sources.


With more than 500 units installed worldwide, the Coromax pulse system has become the preferred high-voltage power supply for coal-fired power plants and other technologies.

Coromax high-voltage systems may be installed on new EOs or may additionally be fitted with existing EOs to increase their separation efficiency. The Coromax high voltage system allows you to reduce dust emissions by 30 to 50% compared to the sources used as standard, significantly reducing electricity consumption, especially for dust particles with high-specific electrical resistance.

Voltage course applied to EO (impulse power supply)