Aeras, s.r.o. in addition to the supply of technologies, it offers cooperation in the following areas:

Technical assistance

We will prepare a technical evaluation and inspection of the current condition of your filtration equipment, technical report and the possibility of its modification, taking into account investment and operating costs, or processing of feasibility study or procurement documentation. We will help you in the implementation, whether in turnkey deliveries, as technical supervision of an investor or, for example, assistance in commissioning equipment.


Measure three times, cut once. A thorough measurement of the specific conditions in your operation will save significant problems during later implementation, especially with regard to the dynamics of flue gas flow, chemical composition and dust resistance, capture efficiency and possible future risks.

Computer Analysis (CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics)

For the best efficiency of separation, it is advisable to use the computer modelling method of flue gas flow. The CFD team typically solves problems with premature wear of hoses, repeated sleeve failures, uneven gas flow and high pressure loss for fabric filters. For electric separators, it is usually the passage of gas outside the active electrode zone, dust deposits and gas distribution problems.

Warranty service
includes in particular:
– cyclical checks resulting from operating regulations and contractual conditions
– internal checks carried out to process operational parameters for their further internal and innovative use, or to carry out further optimisation of the operation of the technology
– warranty service interventions with a reaction time up to 24 hours or under the terms and conditions
– operational solutions of complaints

Post-warranty service
– cyclical checks of equipment in frequency and range according to the service contract concluded
– diagnosis of the condition of individual parts of the device
– specification of worn parts and repair planning in relation to their wear rate and estimated additional service life
– evaluation of potential risks and solutions to accidental failures and accidents
– operational implementation of emergency repairs in coordination with the operator
– part of the post-warranty service is the planning of small, medium and general repairs and their implementation in planned or enforced downtime of technology
– implementation of possible modifications of the technology on the basis of operational knowledge and requirements of the operator
– post-warranty service is carried out on the basis of a service contract concluded

The purpose of post-warranty service is to:
– get and update maximum information on the state of the technology and wear of individual components
– planning of repairs in relation to the current wear rate of individual parts
– ensure the maintenance of the equipment in a continuous, operational and reliable state
– the operator's ability to plan repairs and therefore funds over different time horizons
– minimize the risks of accidental failures and accidents
– reliable and permanently functional technology = satisfied customer…