Testimonials from the Seminar Dosing of Powder Active Coal for Energy Blocks

In great interest, experts from the most important energy companies held a seminar on reducing Hg emissions by dosing activated carbon. It was divided into two days and they performed in addition to Dr. Pilar from CTU as well as Cabot, Vulcascot, Rataj, FLSmidth Pfister and Aeras. Various methods of mercury oxidation and retention, principles for intensification of EO or TF for increased retention, types, composition and modalities of activated carbon dosing have been discussed. The issue of halogenization of activated carbon, without which the process is ineffective, but high concentration can cause unwanted corrosion of the device. Gravimetric dosing technology was interesting to minimize operating costs through accurate and reliable dosing.

The specifics of individual plants are always important. As Ing pointed out. Václavík: ... The idea that you connect a mobile device, you start dosing activated charcoal and everything will be resolved is completely odd. Each process must be approached individually and respected by its specifics”. Dr. Pilař added that based on measurements, the same conditions are not even in different boilers on one site.

Participants of the seminar left satisfied and armed with new knowledge.