We have opened a ball season.

And in what a style! On January 5th 2024 took place in Teplice Theater KRUŠNOHORSKÝ PLES organized by #DAGEST. Our partner company Mostecká montážní a.s. was general partner of the ball and Aeras not only personally participated, but also as a partner. Next to the social and cultural impact was a charity accent also present, as you can see soon on yourselves on pictures on https://www.krusnohorskyples.cz/. You are cordially invited and we are looking forward for the next year taking place on January 10th 2025.

Reconstruction of droplet eliminator and absorber B5 repair of Počerady Power Plant

Consortium of companies Aeras, s.r.o. and ESB, a.s. successfully completed the repair of the desulfurization absorber on unit B5 in the Počerady Power Plant. In addition to the revitalization of the entire device, a new 3rd stage droplet separator was installed, thanks to which liquid content in outlet gas from the absorber is significantly reduced. The guaranteed value of the droplets reduction (min. 15 mg/Nm3 reduction compared to the state before installation) was met with a comfortable margin.

Domain change to .cz

Since March 2023, Aeras shifted to a new domain .cz. Previously registered domain .pro will be suspended during this year, so please kindly change your email contacts, bookmarks etc.

All email addresses as well as Web remain the same, just the domain changes from .pro to .cz

Thank you for understanding

Company management

Handover of 2nd ESP in Chorzow

Jakub Štech at Coromax equipment in Chorzow.

Aeras handed over to the customer the second electrostatic precipitator after a general repair in December last year. The key part was to increase the efficiency of dust removal at the electric heating plant in Chorzow, Poland, on a 110 MW unit burning a mixture of biomass and coal. In addition to mechanical repair, the project also included the replacement of collecting and discharge systems on the first section and the delivery of a Coromax® pulse system to increase the efficiency of dust removal. We asked the head of implementation, Mr. Jakub Štech, how the project progressed and what the results were.

What are the results of the project with respect to the requirements and have the investor’s expectations been met?

The required guaranteed parameter for PM outlet was set at 11 mg/Nm3; now we reach an outlet of 4 mg/Nm3. The requirement was fulfilled and we even exceeded the investor’s expectations. These output parameters are not only the result of ESP short-term monitoring since its commissioning in the autumn of 2022, but above all, they are proven by the operation of the electrostatic precipitator on block I, which has been in operation since the autumn of 2021. Thus, for more than a year, we achieve lower outlets and save electrical energy to operate the equipment at the same time.

What was the most challenging part of the project?

Here I would divide the answer into I. and II. stage.

I. The stage took place during the period of covid and related measures, which required a number of administrative actions during the implementation of the international project. Furthermore, an unpredictable situation with a lack of overseas transport capacities during the delivery of the equipment from the production plant threatened the deadline for putting the equipment into operation.

In 2022, during the implementation of the second block, assembly work was carried out within a narrow space between the buildings, where we had to cooperate with another contractor as part of the general repair of block II.

Thanks to the professional cooperation of colleagues, our suppliers and the investor, it was possible to overcome all obstacles and successfully hand over both electrostatic precipitators into operation on time.

Is it possible to transfer these experiences to other projects?

You take away new experiences from every project implemented, and it was no different here. In addition, it was the first implementation abroad for Aeras, during which we established contacts with potential customers and began to cooperate with new suppliers.

How was the cooperation with ČEZ?

I rate the cooperation with CEZ Chorzow very positively, because during more than two years of cooperation we were able to find constructive solutions together in various situations and phases of the project.

XXIV Sympozjum Energetyka Bełchatów 2022

Aeras participated on a traditional gathering of energy experts in Poland, also this year under the patronage of Czech Trade Agency as well. Many interesting meetings and contact have been conducted with an attendance of Mr. Jakub Rudy, Ministerial Counsellor and Mr. Ivo Šipl, Director CzechTrade Poland. Thanks to both gentlemen for their support on Polish market and hope to meet us there soon again. Personal attendance of Mr. Kirk Larsen as a FLSmidth Coromax® representative was also warmly welcomed. 


Some pictures for you from the event this time too.

Retrofit and ESP upgrade in Chorzow

Aeras finished last year the modernisation of first ESP in Powerplant ČEZ Chorzow. Besides obvious fulfilment of the the quality standards and deadlines we can be also proud of significant PM reduction not exceeding 5 mg/Nm3 since commissioning together with own consumption of the dedusting equipment.

Aeras invites you to the symposium Energetika Belchatow

Aeras will this year in cooperation with Czech Trade agency and FLSmidth company hold an exhibition in symposium “Energetyka Belchatów”. You are cordially invited to visit our presentation or take part on the lecture “ESP Upgrade to reach valid BAT/BREF limits”.

Change of company’s registered office.

We hereby announce that Aeras decided to change its registered office to:

Aeras, s.r.o., Bucharova 1314/8, 158 00 Praha 13 – Stodůlky

Please use a new address in further communication and invoicing. Existing contractual bonds remain unaffected.

Aeras upgrades ESP in ČEZ Chorzow Power Plant

Aeras has signed a contract with ČEZ for a complete repair and efficiency increase of two electrostatic precipitators. Each will be refurbished and equipped with a brand new Coromax to ensure compliance with new BAT/BREF regulations.


BORA in Ostrava region will determine air pollution sources

ČHMÚ Ostrava started a project to answer a still open question: „What is the real share of air pollution of local industry, municipal heating, transport, pollution import from Poland and other sources?”

The project will focus on benzo[a]pyrene and particulate matter pollution. To solve that there will be eight measuring stations established. Based on meteo conditions and modern math modelling tools (receptor model PMF) we acquire aggregate yearly assessment of air quality. The answer to basic project question shall be available in the second half of the year 2022.

Source: ČHMÚ Press release.

Aeras is proud holder of ISO 9001:2016 certificate

Anythyng we do, we strive to do it as good as we can. If there are procedures and processes which help us in our effort, there is no reason to avoid them. That is why we have undertaken the certificate audit – and passed excellently. It is another step in our cause to deliver solutions, which are technically advanced, reliable and creating maximum value for the customer.

Electrostatic precipitator Upgrade in Pilsen

EO v PLTEP po upgrade

ESP in Plzenska Teplarenska enjoyed reconstruction consisting of improvement in flue gases control and distribution, new high voltage micropulse Coromax® tanks and mechanical repairs. It remunerated us with PM emissions in range 2,2 – 7,9 mg/Nm3.

Final dust emissions in stack are according to guarantee measurement in range 1,4 – 1,8 mg/Nm3. Considering 23 years old technology, not bad, is it?