New types of fabric filters, modular filters "DuoClean™"

FLSmidth has developed two new revolutionary duoclean filters – DuoClean DC2 and DuoClean DC8. Both filters have an octagonal shape, making up the overall compact design of modular filters. This design is unique in terms of its design and production. Filters are characterized by reduced device weight and smaller dimensions compared to standard square filters. The DuoClean filter™ have been installed in more than 50 plants around the world. These new filters minimize construction time and total investment costs.

Advantageous construction
The design of the compact filter ensures that the filter modules are optimized for transport. During assembly, individual filter modules are usually pre-assembled in a dedicated area near the site of construction and settled as a whole.

Features and benefits
Two-stage gas guidance – for optimal dust and gas distribution, longer service life of filter hoses and higher overall efficiency.
Long filter hose technology – reduces filter dimensions and total cost
Compact, modular design – easy production, transport and assembly on site of construction

DuoClean DC2
The DuoClean DC2 filter consists of several octagonals that are attached as one compact filter. This arrangement is suitable for the extracted amount of gas from 150,000 to 1 900 000 m3 / h, which is ideal for large process applications.

DuoClean DC8
The DuoClean DC8 filter is a one-space filter in an octagonal shape. This arrangement is suitable for the extracted amount of gas from 45,000 to 150,000 m3 /h. It saves up to 40% of the weight compared to the normal square filter.